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Engaging MY Students by Infusing LwICT Across the Curriculum

Literacy with ICT

  • Literacy with ICT is about STUDENTS and TEACHERS thinking critically and creatively about information and about communication, as citizens of the global community, while using ICT responsibly and ethically.

  • Literacy with ICT consists of critical and creative thinking (the cognitive domain), ethics and responsibility (the affective domain), and ICT literacy.

  • How do students develop their literacy with ICT?
    Literate students choose and use ICT, responsibly and ethically, to support their critical and creative thinking about textual, numerical, visual, and aural information as citizens of the global community. Students develop their literacy with ICT through a process of inquiry across the curriculum as they
    • plan and question
    • gather and make sense
    • produce to show understanding
    • communicate
    • reflect on their learning

  • Literacy with ICT is a Developmental Continuum NOT a curriculum.
    A developmental learning continuum is an assessment tool for learning based on teacher observations. It describes what teachers see and hear students doing, as they demonstrate their literacy. Many teachers already use continuums for assessing learning in reading, writing, and numeracy. The Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT paints a picture of how students develop their critical and creative thinking, in curricular context, and through the responsible and ethical use of ICT. Why develop a continuum?
    • Since ICT is not a separate “curriculum” in K–8, the Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT is congruent with and infused with existing concepts across the curriculum.
    • Since the focus is on what students can do, learners of any age are able to find themselves on the continuum, from novices to experts, from pre-K students to Senior Years students and beyond.
    • Since continuums are focused on the student, the Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT provides a vehicle for students to self-assess and set goals for their learning.

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Literacy with ICT


Literacy with ICT

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